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Air Duct Cleaning

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It's More Important Than You Think

It may be tempting to keep putting off getting your air ducts cleaned when you have so many other home projects to tend to, but don't let it get shoved aside for long! When they draw in air from outside to use for heating and air conditioning, they also bring in contaminants. This means allergens, dirt, smog, and otherwise. These particles get stuck in the duct and build up over time, creating blockages that waste energy as well as contaminate the air. That's why it's so important to periodically get your ducts tended to!

Low Air Quality Means Poor Health

If the air quality in your home is low due to the dirty ducts polluting it, you'll more than likely notice symptoms. Even the healthiest people will feel run down and fatigued from lack of good air. Also, those with allergies will be irritated even indoors from the allergens that are stuck and getting into the air. Elderly people and children are particularly at risk for having trouble breathing, as are those with conditions like asthma. Getting your air ducts cleaned can make a huge impact on your family's stamina and ability to breathe easily!

Decrease Energy Waste

The clogs in your duct also impact your energy costs due to slowing down the airflow through them. This makes it harder for the air to fully circulate throughout the home and forces the system to run longer to make up. This is how energy is wasted and may be what's been driving up your energy bill every month.

Get A Professional Cleaning

Our technicians will have your duct fully and thoroughly cleared out before you know it. Call Air Duct Cleaning Pasadena now and let us take care of your air duct's needs!

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