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The right FAQ information for you!

An expert answers your questions about dryer vent cleaning. The right FAQ information for you! Small details make a huge difference! Learn how to connect different materials, how to stop condensation in the ducts and how to keep them clean and free of mold.

  • What do I need to do prior to having my air ducts cleaned?

    The main thing is to make sure the air duct cleaning technicians can easily access the ducts and vents that are part of your air cleaning system. If any of the vents are covered or blocked, our service cannot do the best job possible.

  • What are the signs of clogged dryer vent?

    The dryer takes longer to dry clothes and is hot to touch while working. The room is filled with warm and humid air. The clogging poses a very high risk of fire. That is why the dryer vent must be cleaned straight away. The lint buildup has to be removed completely. The same applies to debris clogging the vent hood.

  • Does smoking indoors have any effect on my air ducts?

    Air ducts regulate the circulation of air inside a building. Smoking indoors adds particles suspended in the air that go through the air ducts. By doing this, air ducts collect more dirt faster especially if smoking indoors is a regular habit. The particles you exhale only circulate in an enclosed area.

  • How would I know if I had mold in my air ducts?

    Many homeowners are unaware that their air duct system has been compromised by mold. However, there are a number of warning signs which can indicate a potential problem. These include a stale or musty smell in various areas of the home and spots of mildew or mold visible on the vents. You may also experience some health issues relating to mold spores in the air. These can include a worsening of allergy symptoms, irritability, and difficulty in sleeping or headaches.

  • How do I connect a metal to a plastic air duct?

    Connecting a metal air duct to a plastic one is not a very difficult procedure. You just need the following items: a tape measure or ruler, a plastic-to-metal clamp-on coupler, screw and screw driver, and duct tape. Use the tape measure or ruler to measure the appropriate clamp-on coupler size to get. Once you have the coupler, attach the metal and plastic ducts together and screw them tightly. Use the duct tape to seal the point of connection.

  • What are the benefits of air duct cleaning in relation to indoor air quality?

    Air ducts are used to spread the cooled or heated air in different parts of a building. As such, they make it possible for an air conditioner or a heating system to reach different sections of a building. If these ducts are clogged or leaking, they become inefficient in facilitating air flow. With this inefficiency, the entire heating or cooling system also becomes inefficient. Cleaning ensures efficient and clean air flow.

  • How can I stop condensation in the air ducts?

    Condensation is a common problem especially in sheet metal air ducts. Experts at Air Duct Cleaning Pasadena recommend having the ducts insulated. Condensation occurs because of the cooling of evaporated moisture. To prevent warm air in the ducts from getting cooled, the ducts need to have proper insulation. Duct wrap insulation and duct tapes will be needed for this. Also, dehumidifier may be used to prevent water vapors from staying in the ducts.

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