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Indoor Air Quality

Allergies Playing Up?

It May Be Time To Test Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Air Quality | Air Duct Cleaning Pasadena, CA

HVAC systems usually include all the processes of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning. They help to provide the important conditions for maintaining good air quality indoors. However without regular maintenance and cleaning, these systems can do more harm than good. Over time, dust, hair and dirt can accumulate in the vents and provide favorable conditions for fungus, mold and bacteria to grow. These particles enter the air ventilation and are consequently distributed via the air duct around all the parts of the house

How Dirt Gets Circulated

Without regular cleaning, harmful particles and dirt can enter the air ventilation and consequently get distributed via the air duct. Our teams are responsible for thorough checks of the entire ventilation system, and will clear any harmful particles. You also need to know that longer ducts which have more elbows can be more difficult to maintain, people with these systems are even more in need of regular professional cleaning services.

Signs of Poor Air Quality

If you are not sure whether the quality of the air in your house is good enough, there are some signs which can easily determine if you're in need of duct cleaning services. Children and elderly people are usually more vulnerable to allergies and nasal problems. If any member of your family experiences such discomfort, it may be time to check the air duct and have it cleaned.  Another reason for our professional assistance can include a smell of musk or dampness while the system is working.

Benefits of Regular Cleaning

Having a fully functional and clean air duct not only decreases your electricity bills, but also keeps the house cleaner. Cleaning should be done at least yearly, and the best season for this is normally fall or spring. When there are young children or elderly residents in the house, it is even more important to get your system checked regularly.

Air Quality Testing

If you're concerned about the quality of air at home, our experts at Air Duct Cleaning Pasadena can test the quality of your air and provide any maintenance, unit cleaning and repairs as necessary.

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