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Follow these tips if you want only the best for air duct repair and maintenance. Read more below.

Want to learn more about electrostatic air filters? Learn from these easy tips and tricks.

  • Install Hi-tech Air Filters

    Air filtering has gone more technological with UV filters. The system can kill microscopic germs and microbes that are suspended in the air, threatening your health and your family’s. Many air filters are available in the market and investing in them may be worth spending some cash for.

  • Check the energy bills

    Energy bills are indicative of the efficiency of the HVAC system. If you suddenly notice that bills increase dramatically without other changes in your life, HVAC maintenance is needed. In some cases, the inspection of the duct will also be required and possibly air duct seal repair to avoid air loss. It's the best way to save money.

  • How to clean the filters

    Filters are removed easily. In some cases, you might need a screwdriver to open the vent cover but it will still be easy. Put it under running water and make sure dirt is removed efficiently. It's also important to let it dry well before you put it back.

  • How to avoid allergies

    The best way to avoid allergies resulting from dirty HVAC systems is to clean the unit periodically. HVAC maintenance is best to take place in spring and autumn and the experts of our air duct cleaning in Pasadena would also recommend air duct sanitizing for better results.

  • Don’t forget the filters

    When an air duct becomes too dirty, chances are that the filter will be affected too. When it is time to clean your air duct, don’t forget to take out the filter and replace it with a new one. If it is a reusable filter, wash it with a strong stream of water then leave it out to dry while you go about the air duct.

  • Routine air duct maintenance

    It is impossible to avoid having dirt and mold build up in your ducts, so cleaning them is important. This is especially vital in homes located in areas with constant flooding, because the moisture encourages mold growth in air ducts without any insulation. Experts at Air Duct Cleaning Pasadena recommend maintaining your air duct every three to five years, possibly less in homes that are prone to moisture.

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