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Looking for methods to improve the indoor air quality of your home or business? Look no further! Our air duct cleaning experts have provided some great tips for you below. Scroll down to read more.

Consider installing hi-tech air filters

Air filtering technology has become a lot more sophisticated in recent times. Some newer filtering systems can kill microscopic germs and microbes suspended in the air. If you're particularly concerned about air quality, these air filters may well be worth investing in.

Check your energy bills

Energy bills are indicative of how efficient your HVAC system is. If you suddenly notice your bill increase dramatically, and there have been no other changes to your lifestyle, it may be time to schedule some air duct cleaning. In most cases, the inspection and cleaning of the ductwork will be required, and possibly air duct seal repair to avoid air loss. Believe us, this is the best way to save money in the long term!

How do I clean the vent filter?

Filters can be removed easily. In some cases, you may need a screwdriver to open the vent cover but it should still be fairly easy. Once open, put the filter under running water and make sure dirt is removed efficiently. It's also important to let it dry well before you put it back in place. If you have any trouble with this or aren't sure what to do, just give our experts a call.

Don’t forget to check your filter

When an air duct becomes too dirty, chances are that the filter will be affected too. When it is time to clean your air duct, don’t forget to take out the filter and replace it with a new one. If it is a reusable filter, wash it with a strong stream of water then leave it out to dry before putting it back.

Make sure you schedule routine air duct maintenance

It is impossible to avoid having dirt and mold build up in your ducts, so cleaning them regularly is important. This is especially vital in homes located in areas prone to flooding because the moisture encourages mold growth in air ducts without any insulation. We recommend maintaining your air ducts every six months but more frequently in homes that are prone to moisture.

Take effective measures for preventing mold in the air ducts

Proper insulation is essential. The material should naturally have a high R-value, but it should also be resistant to damage, especially water damage. The air ducts must be properly sealed as well. Any leaks can easily cause trouble. If you have had mold before, you may consider setting up a UV cleanser designed to eliminate spores and prevent growth.


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